Bitcoin exchange rate in two of the day added 20% ending the global decline

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin over the past day has increased dramatically, showing the biggest increase in recent months.
So the price of the most popular cryptocurrencies in two days has strengthened by 20%, reaching $ 3700. On the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a significant revival and growth in the volume of transactions, which is usually the case in the period of the trend change. In addition to the cost of Bitcoin aggressive buying seen in other popular tokens.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash took off at 10.31% and reached the level of 116.49$, the price Ripple has added 5.7% and is close to 0.377 $ value Ethereum has strengthened by 2.1% and grew to $ 104, and the Bitcoin exchange rate today Gold adds 3.34% for the same coin on the crypto currency exchange offer of $ 13.48.
The total capitalization of the stock market also rose by $ 17 billion and now stands at 114 993 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar for the first time since mid-November, showing signs of reversal. So technically, the moving average of the first signal to increase.
Курс биткоина за два дня прибавил 20% завершая глобальное падение
To confirm the breaking of the downtrend bitcoin needs to gain a foothold above the level of $ 3,500 and only then you can talk about the beginning of positive dynamics.
It is now important that the stock market has continued to grow volumes, and was involved in new active customers.
If this trend will continue until the end of the week, we can see bitcoin in the region of $ 4,000, which is not bad for the current deplorable situation of the digital market.

The exchange rate of bitcoin to start the new year rally

The prospects for growth in the most popular cryptocurrencies increased. The experts ‘ forecasts for the next few days again positive and many believe that the previous fall in the price of bitcoin has reached extreme points.
Earlier we wrote that the stock market there are no significant reasons for the sales. However, the inertia and frustration of players forced the digital asset slowly sliding down.
Oversold, which was the catalyst for the big players, who resumed their buying. The current growth rate is completely undoes the short-term Outlook the fall and open the path to BTC in the area of 4000-5000 dollars.
However, analysts warn that current growth will not bring the token to a new all-time highs, as it was a year earlier.
In order to talk about established a new “UP-trend” bitcoin need to stay in the shopping 2-3 months with the growth of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, the rally will choke at the first important resistance.
Recall that the former IMF economist mark Dow in December last year announced that the bitcoin exchange rate after reaching its peak in the $ 20,000 would not be able to continue growing and begin to decline.
This statement was not very popular, however, DOE confirmation has opened a short position which was held until today.
And only yesterday, he told Bloomberg:
“Looks like it’s time to say goodbye short, I’ve had enough and I don’t want to wait until the price of bitcoin down to zero. Today I don’t even want to think about it”
Mark Dow, one of the few economists who believes that bitcoin only exists because of the faith of the investors and the recent growth is connected only with the desire of the players to believe hopes and rumors. However, when it came the realization of the technology of the blockchain technology and the functioning of the network, the most popular asset began to fall.
“They (investors approx. of the author) saw that the exchange rate rose sharply, and they all wanted to grab a piece of the “pie”. However, the imagination of people able to lead them astray, who later have to pay”
Most likely, the era of quick money and easy money using bitcoin was today better to focus on products based on blockchain technology.
Курс биткоина за два дня прибавил 20% завершая глобальное падение
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™