Bitcoin exchange rate in the Wake of falling from the decision of the US authorities

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Thursday was a new challenge for investors in the cryptocurrency. The market started the day with a rapid fall, and the situation began to improve only in the evening. The exchange rate of bitcoin fell to $7,800, all altcoins have also demonstrated an impressive decline after the reference year. At the moment bitcoin is trading at around $8,300.
In CoinDesk believe that within one to two weeks the bitcoin exchange rate may test the level of $6,000, but before that the cryptocurrency is expecting a corrective rally is not over $8,600 – $9,000.

Factors a new wave of devaluation of bitcoin

This time, the culprits became Google and the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). In the first case, it was stated that from June will allow the promotion of cryptocurrency and ICO. At the same time, the SEC, the regulator sends subpoenas and requests not only exchanges, but also requires information from the crypto hedge Fund.
In the U.S. Congress held hearings on the subject of ICO and cryptocurrency. The participants were divided into two camps. Some advocated the immediate introduction of control measures, while others believe that we need to better learn the subject, because the government has the tools of prudential regulation. Ultimately, the market, which was conceived as an alternative to the existing financial system came under pressure from the Central government, and he now awaits the decision of the United States.
The decline in interest in cryptocurrency has had an impact not only on courses but also on the cost of transactions. According as of March 12, the transaction fee in bitcoin fell to $1.7, this price was in may 2017, when the rate BTC was $1,855 versus today’s $8,246.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,