Bitcoin exchange rate In the first quarter of the fall can not be avoided

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate began the week by growth, despite the ongoing holidays made a breakthrough on the 5% about which we wrote in the previous forecast.
So the price of Bitcoin has confidently overcome a mark in $ 4,000 and trying to gain a foothold a little higher. Today we are seeing a small pullback in the range of 2%, which is probably caused by the reduction of the positions of some players.
Most popular cryptocurrencies today is just a small minus, after considerable growth the day before.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash loses 3.66% and reached the level of 160 dollars, the price of Ripple fell to 1.92% and is close to 0.365 dollars, the cost of Ethereum is reduced by 4.72% and 151 drops to a dollar, and the Bitcoin exchange rate weakens on Gold 4.52%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer only 13.49 USD.
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies after strong growth fell slightly, and now stands at 126 269 billion
Chart bitcoin/dollar has approached the lower boundary of the Ichimoku cloud, and as we expected met resistance from the sellers.
Курс биткоина: В первом квартале падения не избежать
However, if bitcoin will be able to log into the cloud path to the top will be open to the next level 4 $ 400.
Given yesterday’s growth, the market began to return the big players, in the next few days will provide support to the prices.
Strong support today is at 3800 dollars, just at the level of the “slow line” of the indicator. Moving average remains in an uptrend and remains below the price.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is approaching the last phase of a bear market

According to analyst Bloomberg Intelligence Michael Mac Glowna, BTC expects further decline in the global trend.
In the first two quarters 2019 cryptocurrency will continue to fall, and the recent short-term growth only warns investors that the next phase of the bear market still lies ahead.
“The drop in sales of bitcoin before it was a good opportunity to rebound. Now is the time to think about how this growth will be long before the token again starts to move in a long-term bear trend”
Also, experts warn that if the market starts to rise, along with high volatility in the last half of the year, the depreciation of many cryptocurrencies is inevitable.
However, if the value of bitcoin in 2019 going on to the scenario of gradual strengthening, it is, given historical data, may be the period of greatest stability of the cryptocurrency in recent years.
Recall also that the recent report of the financial stability Board (FSA) has confirmed that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not threaten the world financial system. However, the rapid development of the market requires control and regulation.
The report says:
“The FSB has conducted a study and analysis of the risks associated with the rapid growth of digital assets, and came to the conclusion that the original assessment of the situation with cryptocurrencies does not threaten the global financial system. However, the rapid development of the market may change the situation in that case, if bitcoin and other assets are being more widely used, or will be integrated into the global financial system”
We believe that the first month will be crucial for further movement of bitcoin. Last year despite a lot of stress for kriptonyte showed many that the market is able to cope with severe failures and to keep the levels.
This is perhaps the main one, which gives investors the opportunity to count on the use of bitcoin and other popular assets for earnings in the future.
Курс биткоина: В первом квартале падения не избежать
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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