Bitcoin exchange rate in recent days has gained 3%, the growth of cryptocurrencies continues

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The cryptocurrency market continues to show the character of panic dynamics. Bitcoin adds about 3% in recent days. At the weekend, with levels near 8500 bitcoin has dropped to 7500, but is now fully recovered these losses.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is dependent on the advertising industry

Prohibition of advertising in Google has become a sensitive blow to the industry, but kompensiruet the fact that not for SERPs, and your advertising budget will be spent on SEO and promotion the index of a search engine. On the other hand, recently robbed a Japanese exchange Coincheck has announced the termination of work with an anonymous currency Monero, Dash and zcash for. If this example will be followed by other crypto currency exchange, it may initiate the extinction of a number of cryptocurrencies, including fairly well-known. Meantime their holders hope for the emergence of new “offshore zones”, where anonymity is not an issue.
It should be noted that the actions of the us regulator almost froze the ICO market, the big players realized the seriousness of the situation, and will no doubt be proactive, trying to protect himself from the summons.
Current events on the major cryptocurrency markets can form the basis for a long term “ice age”. As a result of active actions of the regulators afloat can only stay fully transparent and predictable projects.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,