Bitcoin exchange rate in Iran exchange EXIR increased by 4 times due to US sanctions

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate in Iran has soared to 24,000 dollars after reporting that the government of the country in conditions of strong currency “hunger” means to legalize mining. The interest in bitcoin in the country inflame the expectations of the introduction of new U.S. sanctions against Iran.
The price of cryptocurrency on the Iranian EXIR stock exchange, rose sharply, as investors have been actively buying up tokens as an asset of refuge, fearing the fall of the national currency.
Representatives of the exchange note that the growth of bitcoin started much earlier, when the value of the Rial has declined against the U.S. dollar. Now on the black market in Iran for $ 1 offer 138 000 rials.
On Tuesday, the Iranian government announced that within three weeks recognizes mining as a separate field of activity. As reported by the Secretary of the High Council of cyberspace, Iran’s Abolhassan Firuzabadi , in the near future the Central Bank should develop rules for the new industry structure and functioning.
As it turned out, the main reason for this decision were the fear of the collapse of the national currency since the resumption of U.S. sanctions.
“We expect that the use of cryptocurrencies will help to mitigate the effects of sectional pressure on the economy, but the final decision on mining would be taken later”
It is characteristic that if the other cryptomeria the bitcoin exchange rate on average is 6400 dollars and depends on the willingness of players to earn, on EXIR such a sharp increase in asset is associated exclusively with the fear depreciation of the national currency and economic risks.
Recall that Iran was the first country which tries to solve economic problems, and get rid of the sanctions restrictions, using bitcoin.
Earlier Venezuela had spent the ICO through the national cryptocurrency El Petro and attracted $ 5 billion. Later, when investors realized that a token is not secured, began him to actively get rid of. To circumvent U.S. sanctions, using the bitcoin offered by certain officials of the Russian Federation, but it is only talk.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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