Bitcoin exchange rate: Goldman Sachs collapses cryptocurrency 6.4%

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin fell by almost $ 400, after it became known that the largest investment Bank Goldman Sachs has stopped the development of its trading platform for cryptocurrencies.
As Business Insider reports, citing a source familiar with the situation, the Bank’s management took this decision in view of uncertainty of market regulation.
“The regulatory framework in the U.S. remains uncertain when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency”
However, the monopolist does not stop until the project is fully and maybe just lowered the priority of this task, returning to it later when the situation with the regulation of the stock market will become more clear.
Recent reports on the market token on the future prospects of kryptonyte, especially sensitive issue for players. Such negative reaction, such as was observed earlier, when the SEC deferred the final decision to launch a bitcoin ETF in September.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина: Goldman Sachs обвалил криптовалюту на 6.4%
The stock market has failed to stem the tide of sellers, and the exchange rate of bitcoin has fallen, and with it the courses of most popular cryptocurrencies interrupted the rally and turned down.
22:05 GMT., bitcoin has lost 6.4% and reached 6 984 dollars per coin, the price Ethereum lost 17.51% and fell to around 242.73$, the rate of Ripple went to the peak at 14.19% and reached $ 0.289$.
The market capitalization of bitcoin fell, losing more than $ 15 billion, just a few hours, and its current value is now $199 899 billion.
Leaders of the collapse appeared the EOS, lost to the current moment is 19.34% and NEO which sank 17.54%
Курс биткоина: Goldman Sachs обвалил криптовалюту на 6.4%
Most likely the rally, which began with bitcoin two weeks earlier, ended in the coming hours, we will see a rise in sales of digital assets that Bitcoin will drop to around $ 6,700.
In our opinion, such reaction of the players on the news says about the uncertainty and high risks associated with the development and legalization of kryptonyte. Therefore, many investors will once again seek to take profits and exit positions for an indefinite time.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™