Bitcoin exchange rate dipped below 8 000$ with other cryptocurrencies

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The Bitcoin (BTC) dipped below $8,000. Leading altcoins follow the reference currency, losing 5% to 10%. Earlier this year, the market experienced growth expectations, but again and again these or other factors opened the market to decrease. In particular, the last 2 weeks the prevailing trend in the decline after three weeks of growth and a failed attempt of BTC to gain a foothold above $10,000.
The positive tone of the crypto market early in the week, largely due to the annual conference on cryptocurrency Consensus, held in new York. However, businesses say is too high volatility of cryptocurrencies, which actually prevents them from becoming a vehicle for payments.
This suggests that in addition to the prospects of the blockchain, which says Steve Wozniak and other medinae persons, businesses need stability and reliability. And until then the market will be like a train, which pushed the passengers themselves.
Coin zcash for (ZEC) was able to maintain the explosive growth the beginning of the week and is trading around $350, largely due to the support of our brothers Winklevosses, put a coin in a row in importance to Bitcoin (BTC). It should be noted that the complexity of the network zcash for almost immediately went to the highs of March, which indicates no other market movers at this moment.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,