Bitcoin exchange rate December 12: Hope for the restoration of the cryptocurrency melt

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate rose slightly over the past 24 hours, but the pressure for money is enhanced.
Experts forecast a decline in interest from potential investors to the token in the eve of new year holidays, and the price of Bitcoin is less interested in cryptologist.
Analysts say that the current decline of a digital asset does not look like usually caused by negative external background. Bitcoin just falls, and if this was any messages associated with cryptoidentity, but today it just falls.
Slightly strengthened at the moment, the positions of a coin from the top ten.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased during the day to 0.97% and is at the 96.65 dollars, the price of Ripple rose by 1.15% and settled in the area of 0.3 dollars, the cost of Ethereum boosted by 1.39% and reached the level of 89.29 USD and Bitcoin exchange rate of Gold rose to 2.8% and for one coin offered only $ 11.8.
The cryptocurrency market capitalization for the last day, fell to $ 4 billion and the current moment is only $100.5 billion
Chart bitcoin/dollar came close to an important technical support, passing around 3200 dollars.
Курс биткоина 12 декабря: Надежды на восстановление криптовалюты тают
A previous attempt by the rebound of prices was not successful and in the coming days there is a high risk test of this level quotes again. If he can’t resist, can lead to the downfall of bitcoin in the area of $ 3,000.
The current situation in the stock market for most cryptocurrencies is in favor of continuing sales.
Moreover, most of them had already lost value almost 99%, which was not observed over the last four years.

Bitcoin exchange rate depressed statistics hacks exchanges in 2018

Not unimportant role in the reputation of the cryptocurrency market is dominated by hackers and steal your bitcoins.
So according to a recent study Cipher Trace, in the third quarter, losses from break-ins and theft in kriptonyte approached $ 1 billion and amounted to 927 million
According to experts on cyber security, this indicator greatly affects the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and is the second main problem after the market regulation.
So, it is expected that the trend of rising losses from break-ins cripture and fraudulent schemes will continue, as there is still no consolidated legal assessment of digital assets at the international level.
It is to be noted that in a period of strong depreciation of the cryptocurrency is a high risk to lose money from scams will even more push away those who are struggling to support bitcoin, and hoped for its “revival” in the future.
Курс биткоина 12 декабря: Надежды на восстановление криптовалюты тают
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™