Bitcoin exchange rate collapsed after the attack on the Ethereum network Classic

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today fell by 6% after reports that the Ethereum network Classic was hacking.
Bitcoin price in just two hours fell below $ 4,000 and reached 3 824 USD. However, to talk about panic on the market of cryptocurrencies before, and, apparently, investors have long been accustomed to such messages, because 2018 was too rich on similar cases.
Most of the digital assets of the top ten as well rushed down and bear substantial losses.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash loses 14% and is close to 140 dollars, the price of Ripple fell to 6.16% and reached $ 0.3505 $ value Ethereum has fallen by 12%, and a token has reached the level of 134.51 , and the rate Bitcoin Gold suffers losses at the level of 5.38% for the same coin on the cryptocurrency exchanges offer 12.82 US dollar.
The market capitalization of digital assets as affected by the negativity and decreased to 118 597 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar changes direction and if the sellers aktiviziruyutsya, the mark of $ 4,000 will again be out of reach for the bulls in the short term.
Курс биткоина обвалился после атаки на сеть Ethereum Classic
Quotes abruptly crossed the moving average and now we can talk about the first negative signal technical indicator. If in the coming days the rate of BTC will come down from the cloud of Ichimoku, a weak uptrend would be broken.
In the current situation, we recommend you to take a break for a day or two, so as of now, it is unclear whether the buyers hold the lead.

Bitcoin exchange rate collapsed after a hacker attack

As it became known on Tuesday, the crypto currency exchange reported a loss compensation in the amount of 40,000 ETC in connection with the attack on the Ethereum network.
In his blog, the representatives of the trading platforms 51 have confirmed the Attack in which hackers took control of a significant part of the computational capacity of the network to change a transaction, creating a double debit.
As well, the report says that the three addresses from which attackers attacked the stock exchange was recorded by specialists of the company.
“As you know previously we were able to block the transaction, the attacker checking them manually. But, unfortunately, at the time of the next break-all operations were confirmed bloccano. As a result of the transactions the loss of customers amounted to approximately 40 000 ETC, but will assume all costs associated with compensation”
Many of the major stock exchanges is also blocked transactions ETC to ascertain the circumstances. So in the Coinbase blog has information confirming the attack:
“We published the information on the blog about the attack and did not resume operations ETC, until we are assured that it is safe”
We will remind that earlier the Ethereum network Classic was susceptible to hacking as a result of which there was a threat of capture by attackers control over a significant part of the capacity. But was later entered manual checks on transactions ETC.
The current case again confirmed the vulnerability of the blockchain network and collapsed bitcoin exchange rate and most popular tokens.
The security problem of shopping sites as we have mentioned earlier now came to the fore and the regulators, which are trying to protect investors before making important decisions on the legalization of kriptologii.
However, tight control is not much help in this matter, and in all likelihood, this year the trend of rising activity of hackers and fraudsters will only increase.
We expect that this news will have on the value of bitcoin long-term effects and in some days we will see new purchases on the stock market.
Курс биткоина обвалился после атаки на сеть Ethereum Classic
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™