Bitcoin exchange rate came under pressure to ban advertising in Snapchat and strengthened the fall

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Rumors about the termination of activity of the exchange Binance in Japan has caused another decline in the market of cryptocurrencies. However, SEO exchange Chanpen Zhao has denied the speculation, saying on active interaction with Japan controller, and that regulations on the termination of activity has not yet been reported.
A new ban on advertising the ICO came from another IT geginat Snapchat. Bans be indicative of a trend at precisely the moment when the fed increases the pressure on the industry of cryptocurrency.
In addition, Edward Snowden has shared the document, which States that the national security Agency of the United States followed by the users of bitcoin in 2013, collecting personal data and traffic on the wallet.
Meanwhile, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency El Petro goes public phase ICO. In the framework of presales were purchased 82.4% of the 100 million tokens. Apparently, the ban trump for participation in the purchase Americans, not much impact on total demand. According to rumors, Russia actively supported Venezuela in the creation of its own cryptocurrency. If the rumors are true, then it may be “running in” of technology national cryptocurrency “to its territory”.

The exchange rate of bitcoin in 24 hours fell by 6.5% to $8 400

According to CoinMarketCap, over the last 24 hours the bitcoin exchange rate fell to 6.5% and is currently trading around $8,400, the threshold is $10K for the reference cryptocurrencies are now a major resistance level. The rate of the air sank by more than 9% and is currently trading around $510. Most within the Top 10 cryptocurrencies reduction showed the coin to NEO, asking for 24 hours of more than 12% to $65.
Analysts at Fundstrat Global Advisors explained the current situation of the market cycles: after phase rally followed by a period of correction, consolidation, then and only after it you can again expect growth. According to them, the cycles of growth and decline should be about the same. The cycle rally lasted 62 days, the corrective phase has lasted for 64 days, the consolidation can last until the end of summer – mid-September, and then again may start to grow.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,