Bitcoin exchange rate: attack of the wallets Electrum collapsed the cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin for the last day decreased to $ 3700, losing another 4.5% on weak buyer activity before the long holidays.
The price of Bitcoin is heading to a new minimum located at $ 3,000, which is likely at some time will stop for the formation of the next “bottom”
On the eve of holidays, news flow “impoverished” and it creates all the conditions for the cryptocurrency market causeless to fall simply because there’s nothing to support it.
This morning, the main value of the cryptocurrency slightly wins back yesterday’s losses and gained 0.98% while the current growth is likely related to the fact that many market participants, who yesterday did not have time to close position, do it today.
Most cryptocurrencies together with bitcoin as well in positive territory.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate strengthened Cash at 2.25% and is around $ 151.88, price Ripple rose by 2.34% and reached $ 0.3501, the cost of Ethereum has gone up to 2.51% and rose to $ 119, and the rate Bitcoin Gold strengthened to 1.31% for a single coin on the exchanges offer 13.74 dollar.
Market capitalization of crypto currency is at the moment 112 487 billion.
On the chart of the bitcoin/USD we continue to see sales and fall of the popular digital asset.
Курс биткоина: Атака кошельков Electrum обвалила криптовалюту
The price remains below the moving average, and likely will not in the near future to show some serious growth.
However, in recent days the bitcoin so slightly brightened the holiday mood CryptoUtility, giving them the opportunity to earn some money.

Attack the bitcoin wallet Electrum pressure on the exchange rate of cryptocurrency

As you know from December 21 to the network of bitcoin wallets Electrum, the mass adding malicious server, resulting in users have begun to receive notifications to upgrade the software. After the user agreed it was thrown on a page of the attackers.
The process was completed you must re-enter user data, their interception by a hacker and use in the future for stealing cryptocurrencies. Currently, this scheme allowed the attackers to illegally seize 200 bitcoins totaling about $ 750,000 US.
Some time later, the developers have fixed ON and for some time the number of hacker attacks on the primary server is significantly decreased.
However, in recent days it is again observed and, it seems, those who are trying to access customer data simply copied your program.
I wonder what about this incident it became known after programmers Electrum had a number of works on the equipment, but recognize that this decision showed its effectiveness only for a while.
Recall that one of the important parameters which the CFTC takes into consideration when making future decisions regarding the bitcoin ETF Bakkt is the vulnerability of the exchange to hacker attacks.
Till today in the world there is not a large trading platform, which would not be recorded hacking attempts or theft of customer funds from the accounts of the exchange.
Курс биткоина: Атака кошельков Electrum обвалила криптовалюту
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™