Bitcoin exchange rate again moving toward $ 3700

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Cryptocurrency and jammed in the hard band, while continuing to experience a crisis of ideas. Bitcoin exchange rate again moving toward the $3700, however, the current situation revives memories of the summer lull, which later turned to a new wave of decline to multi-year lows.
Judging by the dynamics, the digital currency is clearly experiencing a shortage of drivers in one direction or another. A pioneer in the development of the blockchain in Switzerland Lucius Meister believes that trigger market can become stabilini and tokens already on the official status of the stock. This will give investors real rights and not just the opportunity to be part of a crowdfunding campaign.
It should be noted that the modernization of the ICO to a model of the IPO would close market access for non-professional investors. The transformation tablconv the basis of the market less frequently indicated by experts as possible causes of recovery. In fact, it stabilini, secured by real assets and are subject to regulation, could become the substitute for Fiat currency in the digital world.
New stabilini take into account the errors of the original USDT and showing commitment to transparent business practices. For example, the analysis of the auditing company Grant Thornton LLP showed that stabilin USDC from Circle actually provided a real Fiat currency. Other leading stabilini Gemini and Paxos also undergone a similar audit, confirming their assets. The banking system fears of excessive volatility, but because the new projects can arise based on stable price token-with the guarantee of the rights of all participants.
It should be noted that the most famous proponents of the blockchain – brothers Winklevoss – focused direction tablconv. It is likely that in the future their assets “migrate” in the capitalization of Gemini Dollar, and the whole crypto market will get a breath of fresh air. It is obvious that the current model based on Pump&Dump, not signs of life.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,