Bitcoin exchange rate a day lost 1.5%, the decline began with new force

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today remains under pressure, increasing the loss of up to 1.55%, retreating from the previous level 6 $ 600 lower.
In the cryptocurrency market has experienced a negative stagnation and lack of initiative of the players, so in the coming days we expect the fall in the value of Bitcoin in the area of strong support $ 6,000.
On the chart bitcoin/dollar quotes turned down shortly after reaching the lower border of the Ichimoku cloud, which fully confirms our earlier prediction.
Курс биткоина за сутки потерял 1.5%, падение началось с новой силой
The decline in market volatility and the lack of strong drivers keeps the cryptocurrency market is under pressure, and gives the chance to sellers to change the dynamics of the digital asset.
The main cryptocurrency in the top ten as highlighted in red color and has accelerated the fall after bitcoin.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash at the current moment lost 1.41% and reached $ 511$, Ripple dropped by as much as 2.78%, and is in the area of 0.467$, the popular “coin” Ethereum depreciated by 1.46% and dipped to 224$, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold has passed the position at 2.45%, and for one coin at the moment offer 26.53 USD.

Bitcoin exchange rate under pressure from energy monopolies

In recent years, increasingly received information about what mining bitcoins is not under the power of private miners, and energy companies are increasing the cost of electricity for mining-farms.
However, a recent study conducted by Diar, talking about the growth, the bitcoin miners compared with 2017 year.
So for the first half, the amount of remuneration amounted to a record 4.7 billion, surpassing last year by $1.4 billion.
Despite the fact that the exchange rate of bitcoin continues to fall historic $ 20 000, network users do not reduce their activity.
Nevertheless, Diar warns that in the last month mining became unprofitable because of rising electricity prices.
Mining bitcoin may soon be hard for those companies, which are not connected with energy monopolies, and in this case there will be a redistribution of the market and displacement of small and medium-sized miners.
This will lead to an increase in the cost of remuneration and monopolization of production, jeopardizing such an important parameter as bitcoin is decentralization, so as the pattern of occurrence of the coin there will be those who can influence the final price of the coin.
A similar situation was already observed earlier, in the beginning of development of kriptonyte, but the rapid growth rate of bitcoin allowed the miners to breathe a sigh of relief and keep working.
In the present circumstances, when the situation in the cryptocurrency market has stabilized and the volatility which could make the speculators became ten times below, the question of the volatility of the Bitcoin may come to the fore.
Курс биткоина за сутки потерял 1.5%, падение началось с новой силой
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™