Bitcoin exchange rate: $15 000 this week, a loud statement of the expert

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Stock Markets Group – for the First time in three days the bitcoin exchange rate rose sharply, easily overcoming the next psychological level.
The price of Bitcoin today, gaining 6.1% and reached at the moment of writing of article 11 692 USD. Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten are also steadily growing.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash appreciated by 1.96% and reached 342.86, price Ripple rose by 0.37% and is close to 0.320 dollars, the cost adds Ethereum 2.64% and approached 228.73 USD and Bitcoin exchange rate Cash on the contrary is getting cheaper, losing 2.45% and for one coin on the crypto currency exchange, offer only 18.36 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is 291 254 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar changed direction, and indicates the growing interest in bitcoin from customers.
Until the next important level is located in the region of 13 $ 100 the bears will try to stop the growth of bitcoin, and the first stop may be the mark of 12,000.
Курс биткоина: $15 000 на этой неделе, громкое заявление эксперта
Experts note that next week the value of Bitcoin can finally break the negative pressure to go above 15 000.
Max Keiser, who is called the founder of the Heisenberg Capital and pioneer investments in BTC is confident that the crypto currency this week will test a mark of $ 15,000 USD.
This happens in light of recent signals from the fed, the falling confidence in Central banks and classic financial system.
“I hope that in the upcoming week, the rate of bitcoin will overcome the mark of $ 15,000 USD as the credibility of Central banks, governments and fiatnym money is at the lowest level in decades”
At first glance, this forecast may be too optimistic, however, as shown by the last days, after the fed lowered the interest rate on the dollar, many institutional investors have started to buy cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular, than many believe and has caused a sharp rise in the price of a digital asset.
Bitcoin has long ceased to be a separate investment vehicle in its ecosystem. As soon as he reached the bottom and resumed growth, became part of the portfolio of assets of many players and is no longer able to ignore all the processes that occur in the financial sector.
In the coming days the exchange rate of bitcoin continues to rise, and in the presence of favorable news activity and volumes in the market grow significantly.
Курс биткоина: $15 000 на этой неделе, громкое заявление эксперта
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group