Bitcoin exchange rate 1 Nov: expect a bear market in the coming year

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin a week later, finally began to give signs of reversal, and may resume growth in the next few days.
Correction period apparently ended and the price of Bitcoin is ready for growth, especially since the test last line of support for customers was successful.
Chart bitcoin/dollar also delivers the first weak positive signals, while active buying on the market is still there. However, the next turning point that will have to overcome active players, playing level 6 $ 500, where the bottom border of Ishimoku cloud.
Курс биткоина 1 ноября: Эксперт ожидает медвежий рынок в ближайший год
Further, in the case of a successful break up, the rate of bitcoin will open the way to new mark 6 $ 800 and on to the next psychological level of $ 7,000 per coin.
At the moment of cryptocurrency in the top ten showing a slight decline.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash today is a leader and has lost more than 0.5%, reaching the level of$ 423, the value of Ripple slipped by 0.11% and is close to 0.451$, the price is Ethereum lost 0.18% and dropped in the area of$ 198, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell 0.34%, and for one coin at the moment offer 26.63 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin for today is 110 862 billion.

The rate of bitcoin will continue to fall in 2019

So says the co-founder and CEO of crypto currency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, as he said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. The expert predicts that the decline in the cryptocurrency market will continue for at least another 12-18 months.
“My assumptions are based on personal experience. I have been trading bitcoin since 2013, when the price rose from $ 250 up to 1300. Then in 2014-2015 year, we saw a bear market, when the price of a digital asset collapsed, and earn money has become very difficult”
He also expects that with the fall in the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will suffer, and the trading volume, and capitalization of the cryptocurrency market.
However, Hayes is confident that BitMEX in the current environment, has a good performance, even when the volatility of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is at historic lows, and is not going to stop the development.
A bear market will retain its dominance, but the real “bottom” of the rate of bitcoin will reach only after a year and a half.
It is difficult to say how the assumptions of co-founder of one of the largest kryptomere are correct. But the fact that the stock market has changed dramatically in the past half year in fact. And with it changed the behavior of players in which the majority of cryptocurrencies as they say “made a career”.
Курс биткоина 1 ноября: Эксперт ожидает медвежий рынок в ближайший год
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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