Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex opens the hunt for major clients

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Bitcoin started to recover after yesterday’s push down on the news from South Korea and its plans to tighten the rules for cryptocurrency exchanges. As expected, this event had a short-term impact on the market, and the price drop stopped at the support around $7500. During the day, Bitcoin went into the green zone, and added 0,84%.
Now the price of the “home” of cryptocurrency is at important support zone and if today closes around the current price or above $7700, then it will signal a resumption of growth, and the next mid-term goal for Bitcoin would be around $9000 per coin. However, while the continued growth too early, need to wait how the price will behave during the day.
While South Korea ends the grace period for exchanges, private platforms go the opposite way, and reduce the service fee for some of their clients. So, Bitfinex, the largest crypto currency exchange from Hong Kong announced that it will encourage big clients and they will pay commissions for trades in a smaller size.
Reducing the fee for large investors, Bitfinex is going to attract the most new customers, and increase the liquidity and turnover on the stock exchange. Depending, adds customer liquidity to the exchange, or withdraws funds from it, change the status of its operations and changes fee for them.
For those who will add to the exchange’s liquidity by more than $300 million per month, the Commission on Bitfinex will be zero. Those customers who withdraw liquidity from the book of orders for the appropriate amount, have to pay, however, the Commission will also be close to zero – less than 1%.
Thus, the market is becoming a noticeable trend of the struggle between cryptobinary for large customers. It is hoped that innovations will affect not only the amount of commissions to adjust which is not for exchanges difficult, but the quality of the service, and most importantly – on the improvement of systems security to prevent hacker attacks.
According to the report of the research company Group-IB, the number of compromised accounts on cryptomeria from the beginning of 2018 increased by 689%. These figures again demonstrate the weak point of the industry – low security. Until this issue is resolved, as the issue of market regulation, to hope for the conquest of price records late last year is not worth it.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”