Bitcoin don’t want to buy at the current rate

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Sunday, 5 August, trading in bitcoins ended with a growth of 0.19%. During the day the price was around $6980. First, buyers in the European trading updated to a maximum of $7094, then the sellers hit the weekly low of $6870. Bidding ended at $7019, resulting in the formed daily candle with a long lower shadow.
In Asia, the price went up to $7075. At the time of writing bitcoin is worth $6974. Price strayed from the book (55 sma) and the trend lines back under $7000. With the trend sellers easier to win back losses than buyers. When the price falls below $6970 would threaten support for $6870. After the sellers run to capture the $6715.
Биткоин не хотят покупать по текущему курсу
Buyers can not reverse the bearish trend. Not willing to buy BTC at current prices. It is possible that the demand may appear in the trendline ($6600). Although at $6800 for me is essential. If buyers pass, pass and then $6600.
Vladislav Antonov,