Bitcoin does not impress major investors

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The main cryptocurrency on Thursday continues to depreciate, the market is moving in the framework of the formed downtrend, bitcoin exchange rate to aim for around 7500 dollars.
According Libertex, bitcoin to 12.100 per day fell by 6.85% – 7388 dollars in market cap of 126.7 billion. The Litecoin exchange rate weakened by 7.22% to 116.4 dollar capitalization in $ 6.6 billion.
Ethereum has fallen by 12.00 by 9.36% to 569,7 dollar, its market capitalization has reached 57,2 billion. The Ripple rate fell by 3.39% to 0.59 dollar at the capitalization of 23.5 billion dollars. The total market capitalization 324,8 billion.
Negative news for the stock market was the news that India can accept cryptocurrency commodity and to impose a tax on coins. However, Russian Finance Ministry does not exclude that in the future Russia will be allowed the exchange of cryptocurrencies.
In the future days, we can expect that cryptocurrency will continue trading lower in the part formed on the market downtrend. The rate of the Ripple may drop below $ 0.55, Ethereum – below $ 560, and Litecoin has the risk to fall to $ 110. Bitcoin, most likely, will fall in price to $ 7,500.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club