Bitcoin continues uptrend after a brief pause, weather experts

Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today is February 16, after reaching 10 thousand dollars, falls again. Bitcoin has failed to gain a foothold above the key level, which was not unexpected, as for future growth need to consolidate buyers.
However, the week Bitcoin was a great success and Monday the asset could gain value for almost 2 000$ or about 30% from the recent low. The market capitalization of bitcoin has grown to $168 billion.
At the moment of writing of article 17.15 GMT. The exchange rate of bitcoin on the Bitstamp exchange fell to $424 844 or 0.45 percent, at Bitfinex cryptocurrency fell 9,946.9 to and lost 0.01%.

The forecast of exchange rate of bitcoin from the experts

“If in five years you want to buy for cash will laugh at you»
In an interview with Bloomberg said recently, venture capitalist Tim Draper. In his opinion, Fiat money will share the fate of the global currency market with cryptocurrencies.
“When people ask me if I sell my bitcoins, I say I don’t want to change the future to the past»
The prospects of bitcoin today be more visible to institutional investors, and the cryptocurrency market has changed dramatically since then, as bitcoin came to trading.
About the same said Brian Kelly, a well-known stock investor, the portfolio of which contains about 90% of assets in digital currencies.
In an interview with CNBC’s Kelly confirmed that 90% of the capital he invested in the cryptocurrency. Many consider his actions too risky and wrong from the point of view of strategic perspectives.
However, he is not a newcomer and talking about him as a very skilled player of the stock exchange. Kelly is not the first time speaks of faith in the future of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. His earlier predictions were limited to the growth of the most popular “coins” to 60 000$.
“Today is the best time to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies major investors, as the market scales in the United States and Europe. He is more loyal to new technologies and accept cryptocurrency as a problem for the economy, and the instrument can bring profit to not only investors, but also for the state»
Many investors are not accustomed to such strong fluctuations in the 20% -30%, as the stock market barely peak days shows the volatility of the instruments is not more than 10%. However, it is necessary just to accept and consider in their trading plans. There is nothing unusual in these races bitcoins, this specificity is the main characteristic of such tools.

Forecast of bitcoin today 16 02 18

Bitcoin продолжит рост после небольшой паузы, прогноз экспертов
Bitcoin will continue to grow after the weekend. In China will conclude the celebration of the New year when many players preferred to withdraw cryptocurrency to Fiat to buy gifts.
From next week customers with a new force will begin purchasing bitcoin and psychological level, which still is a impregnable will be taken.
Today on the chart bitcoin/dollar observed a technical pullback from previous highs, but it is unlikely to exceed previous growth.
Positive scenario
The price of bitcoin will continue to rise and to consolidate above the mark of$10 000. In this case, the first objective that can be achieved next week, is a mark of 12 000$. Strengthens resistance at this level of the lower border of the Ichimoku cloud.
This mark will require significant customer consolidation. However, if bitcoin will increase, the market will start to sign new players and that will be enough to keep the rate from falling.
The negative scenario
We expect in the current situation the decline in cryptocurrency not below $ 9 500$. Support in this case is moving average held there. If the decline continues, the price may sink to the level of 8 000$, which now acts as a strong psychological support.
In the current situation the balance of forces shifted in the direction of buyers in respect of 70/30. We expect that next week the growth of bitcoin will continue.

The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency today

At the moment 17:15 GMT. the majority of cryptocurrencies are also reduced through technical correction. The market situation looks as follows:
Bitcoin продолжит рост после небольшой паузы, прогноз экспертов
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is growing and currently amounts to $425 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency,
Stock Markets Group™