Bitcoin can develop a powerful impetus to growth

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Interest in the cryptocurrency, despite the collapse of the end of 2017 and the current decline continues unabated, and, on the contrary, grows. This is also the volume of trading and new exchange, updates the listings on the cryptocurrency, and the number of ATMs (cryptomate) for the exchange of digital tokens in the world. The number of people admitted that they have cryptocurrency, is also growing – now they number in the world on average is about 5%, with the maximum number in USA, UK and Japan. Soon the number of people going to buy crypto-currency that could grow by 50%!
Exhibition and conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency collect a record number of participants. And the demand is known, creates supply. And, most likely, first attempts to stop the correction and start growing the same bitcoin will cause the explosive inflow of liquidity to the cryptocurrency markets.
It is therefore very important to pay attention not only on the news for the crypt (and it is very diverse), but also to monitor the signals from technical analysis because technical analysis only expresses the will of the masses of investors and will indicate the start of a trend at its very beginning.
The rise of bitcoin from 5600 to 8000 is very similar to the impulse, breaks the already established levels, and the current decline is just a correction, after which possible new, rakotomamonjy pulse pattern last year.
And, in this case, the first growth target is 10000-11000, and it’s short-term goals. Further – more, and now, as last year, terrible to call these goals. And the beginning of the testing script, or cancel the implementation in the near future, before the end of the summer.
Vladimir Kuzovlev,
Financial analyst,