Bitcoin: Buyers fighting for the mark 6350 $

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Sunday, September 16, trades in bitcoin resulted in a slight decline. High volatility was observed during the Asian and American sessions. In the Asian session, the rate of bitcoin has dropped to $6370, American – up to $6413. In both cases, the bitcoin exchange rate has bounced up sharply. Because of the bounce on the daily candle formed a long lower shadow.
On Monday at the auctions in Asia sellers again lowered the price of bitcoin is around $6415, where buyers are swallowing up the market sales and brought the price to $6490. The third day the price goes intraday pattern in the form of a V-shaped model.
Rebounds for buyers of signals are buying bitcoin. The question is, should we trust them now? Usually, as soon as they find a recurring pattern with him from out the market then switches to a different pricing model.
Three days price is trading in a sideways $6355-6596. If you look at the border of tapered formation, they pass through the levels of $6395-6536 with an average price of $6490.
At the time of writing the exchange Bitfinex bitcoin is worth $6482 versus a session low of $6414. Daily stochastics has turned down. Any attempt by buyers to break through $6596, will lead to the closure of logging, which according to the latest data exchange increased, with short positions accounting for 27.2 thousand BTC.
Биткоин: Покупатели бьются за отметку 6350 долларов
Correction from the fall from $7429 to $6119 amounted to 38.2%. The sellers at this level can still control the market, but slowly begin to take positions. To resume the dollar rally sellers need to go the amount of $6355.
Vladislav Antonov,