Bitcoin broke above $ 6,000 for the first time since November

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The main actively growing cryptocurrency and bitcoin rose above $ 6 thousand dollars the first since November, amid reports that social network Facebook has partially lifted restrictions on the advertising of digital assets, imposed in January last year.
In addition, the crypto currency exchange Binance, which previously hackers stole bitcoins at 41 million dollars, reported that it will indemnify its customers. Against the background of these news, bitcoins, according Libertex, for the day grew by 4.02% to $ 6296 in the capitalization 111,3 billion.
Ethereum by this time has risen in price on 2,47% – to estimated at 174.1 of the dollar with a market capitalization of 18.5 billion dollars. An additional positive for this cryptocurrency was the message that launched a test network for Ethereum 2.0 is currently preparing a large-scale network upgrade, which will increase its security and throughput.
XRP during the day, firmed 0.34% to 0,298 USD, its capitalization amounted to 12.7 billion dollars. Litecoin price increased by 4.16% to 76.9 per dollar with a market capitalization of 4.7 billion dollars. Litecoin team announced the launch of a new version of digital repository Litecoin Core v0.17.1, which in particular implies a reduced fee for storage.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached the level of 192,3 billion.
According to financial scouts, the growth of cryptocurrencies can continue in the near future due to a number of positive factors. The exchange rate of bitcoin may rise to $ 6350, Ethereum to 175 dollars, XRP – to 0.3 of the dollar, Litecoin is up to $ 78.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club