Bitcoin and SegWit whether transactions are better

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Last week the new version of bitcoin (Bitcoin Core version 0.16.0), which was launched on 15 February, applied SegWit. In the days that followed, two of the key cryptocurrency exchanges in the world (Bitfinex and CoinBase) announced that they have activated support SegWit.
To a certain extent SegWit partially solves the scaling problem of bitcoin. It is assumed that due to the SegWit the number of transactions that the system processes bitcoin in a single day, will increase by approximately 50%, which in turn can prevent “hanging” transactions with bitcoin and to reduce the average cost of a fee per transaction.
On this first positive effect due SegWit, who already felt (transactions with bitcoin are faster, the Commission declined) spoke of the notorious developer of bitcoin Adam Back. He argues that freezes the bitcoin transactions at one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges Bitstamp is already almost there. And indeed it is. According to, the total amount of transactions pending verification declined significantly. But still you must consider that the number of transactions bitcoin at the same time dropped significantly, according
Therefore, it may be that improving the quality of transactions in the last bitcoin is not tied to SegWit, and the cause is the decline in interest in bitcoin trading, and this is a negative signal for the stock market. Today praise SegWit yet, I think, is premature.
Veselin Petkov,