Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency urgently sold German prosecutors

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Stock Markets Group – Prosecutors in Germany have sold 1312 bitcoins in the framework of the sale of the confiscated cryptocurrency in a criminal case against an Internet site “Lesen und Lauschen”, which was engaged in illegal realization of electronic and audio books.
According to information, the implementation was put BTC 1312, 1399 tokens Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin 1312 Gold coins and 220 pieces of Ethereum.
Despite the fact that the sale was prolonged for several months, it sold a large volume of digital assets.
In his commentary to the deal prosecutors said:
“Given the high volatility of bitcoin and cryptocurrency and the risk of depreciation of tokens, the Baku Central office for the fight against cybercrime, adopted a decision on urgent sale”
Recall that according to the investigation, “Lesen und Lauschen” to buy pirated software, used about 30 thousand users as a result of their illegal activities was the implementation of more than 200 thousand copies of electronic books.
Given the increase in control over the cryptocurrency market from regulators and law enforcement agencies, such practice of selling seized digital coins is becoming popular.
For example, in 2017 one of the high-profile cases was the investigation of one criminal group in Bulgaria, which was engaged in recruitment of customs officers.
As a result of the operation was arrested more than 200 thousand bitcoins, totaling in effect at the time the rate of 3.3 billion dollars, which is in turn made up 20% of the national debt of the country.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™