Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies remain under pressure

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The main cryptocurrency Monday, almost no change in price, repeating the movement of the Russian stock and currency markets.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12.00 GMT on 18 February has grown on 0,02% and 12.00 GMT on 19 February amounted to $ 1.11 to$. Litecoin rate for this period grew by 12 % to 224,44 dollar. Litecoin occurred hardwork that led to the emergence of Litecoin Cash. The project, according to its authors, will allow to extend the life of obsolete mining hardware.
Ethereum during the day, weakened by 1% and stands at 12.00 GMT 940,2 dollar. During the day you can expect the same alternate motions: course Ripple will move around 1.1 dollar, Litecoin has a chance to grow up to 230 dollars, and Ethereum to decline to 930.
The ruble on Monday trading virtually unchanged against the dollar and Euro supported by growing oil prices and the approaching tax payments. The dollar at 12.00 GMT the ruble increased by 0.23% to 56.4 per ruble, the Euro by this time has decreased on 0,08% – to 69,94 rubles per dollar. During the day we can expect further consolidation of the Russian currency and the dollar and the Euro at current levels.
On the Russian stock market on Monday also saw a consolidation in primarily a positive external positive. The RTS index decreased by 12.00 GMT on 0,18% – to 1260,97 item, index Mosberg grew by 0.09% to 2251 points. It can be expected that during the day the index Mosuri will grow to the level to 2270 points amid positive sentiments on global trading floors, RTS index will rise to the level of 1270 points.
Negative news for the cryptocurrency market was the statement from the investment Bank JPMorgan Chase about the fact that they have no chance against the national currency.
From Russian news it is possible to note the information that the country wants to create a system to protect investments in the cryptocurrency. It will help the investors to make milestone payments in accordance with the development plans of the projects.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club