Bitcoin and Google do not get along on the Internet

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday for the most part reduced due to ad-blocking bitcoin Google. You can expect the descending movement during the day will continue and bitcoin will go below $ 7400 dollars.
According Libertex, 12.00 bitcoin exchange rate weakened during the day on 0,85% – to 7452,8 dollars in capitalization in 127,3 billion. The rate of Litecoin has decreased by this time by 1.61% to 118,6 dollar in the capitalization of 6.9 billion dollars. Euthereum fell in price by 12.00 on 0,34% – to 594,2 of the dollar, it is the capitalization of 59.2 billion dollars. The Ripple rate strengthened during the day by 3.03% to $ 0.66 in the capitalization of 25.9 billion dollars. Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies by this time reached 335,9 billion.
However, support for the stock market provide news about what Gibraltar has launched a cryptocurrency exchange, GBX, which is in the world there are not so many.
During the day you can expect the stock market will continue to decline moderately, although the pace of decline is likely to slow somewhat. Litecoin may fall to $ 115, Euthereum will move below $ 590 dollars, and the Ripple will go to the level of 0.65 USD.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club