Bitcoin again failed to hold $10000, hardwork in ETC

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Bitcoin could not maintain the momentum rally of the last week, thus not breaking the resistance level near $10,000. Last day BTC is about $9,300. The reference cryptocurrency, as is often the case entailed all altcoins. Among the cryptocurrencies of the top ten most significant growth shows EOS, adding 7.5% on the news of the release of developers of new software versions 4.0 and Dawn start their own blockchain.
The developers of Ethereum Classic announced the implementation of a network hard forks to remove the “bomb of complexity” built into the original network to transition to PoS. Those involved in the mining of Ethereum Classic, the developers recommend until may 24 to update the clients. It should be noted that the transition Ethereum at the PoS will result in the redistribution of computing power that will result in growth of production other popular miners coins.
Japanese regulator continues the process deanonimizatsii of cripture in the country. Solutions apply to a fully anonymous coin that was exchange not for trading, and the regulator will monitor large transactions, the initiators of which will have to be fully identified for the authorities. The FSA also require that the assets of kryptomere was stored on an offline computer to the hackers it was not possible to crack them. Japanese authorities are struggling to prevent the “new Coincheck”.
Meanwhile, in Russia, in the course of judicial decision Bitcoin was first recognized as assets and valued asset subject to confiscation. At the moment the Russian regulators deal with the elaboration of legal bases, but don’t hurry with decisions, waiting for a clear leading position in the crypto sphere countries.
The structure of the market is now constant, background – unsaturated, it is likely that in the medium term the market will remain sideways, unsuccessfully struggling with the resistance level and confidently Bouncing off support levels.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,