Bitcoin 2.0: what will breathe life into the stock market

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In addition to the critical psychological level of $6,000 for Bitcoin, the struggle for life and death is another important threshold: the aggregate capitalization of about $200 billion.
Since mid-August, both indicators on the charts similar to the chart of the heartbeat of the body of the recently deceased: first, a consistent and sharp decline of vitality (this is a correction beginning in 2018), then convulsive bursts (showed itself bounces and correction during the year), and then the signal was lost and began the long sideways trend.
Now there are only two ways: either the “patient” back to life with a defibrillator (it is difficult to imagine, what the hell are you to shake up the market, even if billions of dollars of transactions do not cause emotions), or – down. And then, even the current $6,500 per coin BTC will be remembered with warm nostalgia.
Yes, we know that Bitcoin is not the whole stock market, however, is the most recognizable coin, and if it shows no interest, the future looks bleak.
We conducted a small analysis of search queries. It turned out that “bitcoin” is looking for 10 times less users: so it was in the spring 2017го, when the fever began and reference the digital currency is still little idea.
Recall that in April 2017 BTC was worth about $1,500, and the daily trading volume ranged from $200 million (now $4.2 billion). If search engines register a decline of interest, but rates maintain their current levels, the question arises: by what remains trading volume and a stable number of daily transactions at the level of 250 thousand?
Apparently, those who wanted to come to the crypto market, already “on Board”, and the current prolonged stability of the exchange rate allows to make settlements within the network that supports the existence of the ecosystem.
In the spring of 2017 it was possible to massively attract retail investors ‘ faith in the fundamentally new technology that will change the financial world. Now we need something more substantial: a real working product or the development of fundamentally new technologies.
The acceleration of international transactions is perceived by people as something relevant to the banking system than to themselves. It is interesting to note that now the centralization of the cryptocurrencies, not less, and further more the traditional financial system. You can sing an ode to decentralized market?..
The fever of last year began not so much with a dizzying growth rate, but with the opportunity to earn (mined) and to conduct transactions anonymously, bypassing the major banks and governments. Now, a new similar idea, albeit outside the framework of remittances, is able to become the defibrillator and give the cryptocurrency market a new life.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Senior analyst,