Belarus supported Uralkali shares.

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Shares of the largest Russian manufacturer of fertilizers – Uralkali on Tuesday at Mosberg grow by 3.8% on the news that the Belarusian potash company has signed a new contract with China for supply of potash at a price of $290 per ton, which is 25% higher than the previous prices.
Paper another manufacturer of fertilizers – “Akron” – on Tuesday also show considerable growth (+1.4 per cent).
Shares of companies in this sector grow since August after it became clear that the proposal for the introduction of additional taxes for enterprises of the chemical industry will be rejected.
Probably, the growth in the stock of fertilizer producers will continue in the future: the shares of Uralkali can add about 1-1,5%, and papers “Akron” – to 0.5%.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club