Bankopad in Russia: will Save the elect, the rest have no money

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Last year was very rich in the bankruptcy of large banks, and the losses amounted to astronomical figures. People who are not closely familiar with the work of the financial sector, it is clearly expressed that the money for the rehabilitation of these banks, spending was not necessary. They say, greedy bankers stole everything, and they now give money from our taxes.
Of course, the loss of 1.6 trillion rubles will capture any imagination, but the reaction of the Central Bank, albeit belated, helped save another 2.6 trillion rubles – this at least needs attention. It must be remembered that the capital of the Bank is relatively small in relation to the money of his clients and the main issue is to return them back, preferably in full. 8 million customers and more than 500 thousand enterprises had received back their money, although not all and not completely.
However, the issue of reorganization of the budget is acute, “ineffective” officials must constantly save the “effective” owners, but to help everyone I can’t. The transfer of troubled banks more successful colleagues, especially those with state support, also has flaws, both at the level of capitalization, and remove assets to generate income. Central Bank had to declare on the application of the resolution mechanism only in relation to systemically important banks, i.e., all private entities are now in bankruptcy will put their assets to cover its obligations to creditors and to go bankrupt according to the rules of any other business.
Because additional funding is not, then inevitably the question arises with business services (for citizens continues ASV). Risks in private banks is now higher and, of course, will continue the consolidation of assets in state banks. The accumulation of funds in the economy in such banks will lead to total state control in the financial sector, but private companies will be forced to work in a very competitive environment, so sanitation is not for everyone is getting rehabilitation for specific banks.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”