Attack fleet APU Russia to put pressure on the ruble

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The focus of attention of participants of the market negative factors – falling oil prices and rising geopolitical risks associated with the incident in the Kerch Strait. Ukraine reports 6 seamen wounded, and three captured vessels.Undoubtedly, what happened in the sea of Azov, have a negative impact on the international image of Russia, which has significantly suffered in recent years. This could potentially lead to new sanctions against Russia, which earlier rumored to be postponed until next year.
Oil prices fell late last week on news about the overabundance of extraction in Saudi Arabia, in the amount of 10.7 million barrels daily. Before the OPEC meeting, scheduled for 6 December in Vienna, the news will restrain the growth of oil prices and, consequently, the ruble.
The ruble falls on -0,44% against the dollar, and -0,73% in tandem with the Euro currency. Further strengthening of the pair USD/RUB will be the mark of 67 rubles per dollar. About the dynamics of the Euro currency strengthening is expected in the range of 76.11 rubles per Euro, and in case of breakdown of the further target will be the mark 77,15.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”