Attack 51% on Ethereum Classic demonstrates the vulnerability of cryptocurrencies

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In the Internet environment, a possible attack on any organization, Agency, cryptocurrency. Hackers are searching for vulnerabilities in the structures and in identifying secure for themselves the possibilities of an attack are. That is, the fact of the attack 51% on Ethereum Classic, demonstrates the vulnerability of any of the cryptocurrencies. Although, the developers immediately recognized that it was precisely this kind of attack.
As one of the versions, in their review, the culprit was a producer of ASIC miners Linzhi Shenzhen, which allegedly has already confirmed that it carried out the testing of new devices for the algorithm Ethash with exponent 1 400/Mh. But the exchange recorded the fact of double spending of tokens and confirm that the Ethereum network Classic out of control.
Attack 51%, and its risk is nearly the same as owning a controlling stake in the company. That is, if the miner or pool of miners control more than half can see, they have an opportunity to fully control the network. In powers, add new units, the manipulation of bilateral transactions and the denial of new transactions.
Also “Attack 51%” may cause dual-use coins what is called double-spending. It is this last option and noted on the stock exchange Coinbase for Ethereum Classic, the result of which was suspended the movement Aldona in early January.
Maria Salnikova,
Senior analyst,
OOO “Expert plus”