Analyst: bitcoin exchange Rate of $ 5,000 this month is real

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Stock Markets Group – Analyst and capturador Mitoshi Kaku argues that there are conditions under which the rate of bitcoin will reach $ 5,000 this month.
In a series of posts on Twitter on the weekends Kaku shared his forecast of prices on the basis of a new in-depth analysis of the BTC.
“Now I consider two factors the development of events from the point of view of technical analysis. Caution in the market and signals Ichimoku indicator that shows the growth of bitcoin prices in the coming days this week,” he wrote on Twitter.
And added:
“I wouldn’t be surprised if the exchange rate of bitcoin for the next 10 days increased to $ 5,000. It now indicates technical analysis. However, it is clear that for such a jerk, BTC needs a strong catalyst, and if it appears, it will cause the growth of asset”
After Kaku made your prediction, most popular cryptocurrency has shown a sharp leap upwards, confirming the positive trend for future growth rates.
Recall that last Friday, the bitcoin exchange rate increased by 9%, adding $ 300, up from 3,350 to 3643 dollars per coin in just a few hours.
Now BTC quotes remain close to 3600 dollars, apparently consolidating for further strengthening.
At the time of this writing, Bitcoin was trading at $ 3636, adding an average of about 0.7%.
Note that their predictions regarding the change of bearish trends in the stock market, previously voiced by other experts, which only confirms the calculations Mitoshi.
So according to strategist Thomas Lee Fundstrat, technical analysts, who viewed negative scenarios on bitcoin in early 2019, are becoming more optimistic about the value of cryptocurrency and rely on the growth rate.
And this is a positive signal for the market, which this year experienced a sharp fall from a high of $ 4060 (January 8) at 647 dollars, or more than 16% lasted almost a month.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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