American stock exchange collapsed utyanuv for a risky assets

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On Monday, U.S. markets slipped well utyanuv for a risky assets in General. Indexes fell Asia, minus 0.5% traded futures Europe. Another portion of weak data from the US, a downward revision of forecasts of growth and inflation in Japan and Switzerland, the drop in oil prices and the lack of positive signals from the trade front is forcing investors to seek refuge in safe assets, and the uncertainty ahead of the fed meeting only adds fuel to the fire.
No wonder that in such situation the Russian stock market opened in the red, and both the leading index already during the first hour of trading lost 1%. Significant pressure on the domestic market also comes from the commodity sector, Brent crude slumped to the mark for the first time since the end of November. Investors hoped that the deal OPEC+ will breathe life into the market of black gold, and will start a recovery in prices. But in the end we see the disappointment and a whole range of reasons for doubt.
Meanwhile, the dollar/rouble, which has not changed following yesterday’s session, at the opening rushed up, but immediately began to be adjusted, though, and remains above the closing level of the Breakdown 66,60 RUB RUB the mark 67 still unlikely, such a scenario is possible only in the case of a new, more aggressive drawdown in oil prices or a hawkish rhetoric of the fed, the chances of such a scenario is very small, especially after yesterday’s new batch of critics of three of the Central Bank.
Nathan Lambert
Head of research,
Global FX