Activity of the ICO in 2018 fell by 90%

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Stock Markets Group – an Independent study was conducted by the company Autonomous Reserarch in which, it became known that the number of ICO and activity in the primary sentence tokens has decreased by more than 90%.
According to the company in September 2007, the volume of funds raised via the ICO amounted to $ 3 billion, while this year over the same period, managed to collect only $300 million.
Representatives of the company who conducted the study say:
“In September, the amount of collected investment amounted to $300 million and in August $400 million, significantly less than $2.4 billion in January 2018. If these figures add such tokens as EOS get about 3 billion dollars, which is 90% higher than current amounts”
The main reason for the decline in interest, according to the researchers, was the loss of interest from investors for the ICO, who prefer to buy shares in those companies.
The second reason experts referred to as security tokens or as they are called digital assets equivalent to securities.
“In explaining the U.S. SEC States that the ICO can be likened to the offering of the securities, and subject to the jurisdiction of the regulator. As noted by the consultant blockchain Michael K. Spencer – security-tokens virtually the same securities or new. ICO”
But given the fact that security tokens have not gained popularity, their market entry is delayed, due to uncertainty in regulation.
Thus, the hype associated with the ICO observed in the beginning of the current year is gradually disappearing, and, apparently, those who are willing to invest in kriptonyte took a break before the advent of more precise rules in this matter.
Elena Sverdlova,
Senior analyst,
Stock Markets Group