A year later, Russian shares will be 1.5-2 times more expensive?

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In the imminent end of the geopolitical confrontation now, few believe. On the contrary, there is the option of further tightening of Western sanctions and Russia’s retaliatory measures, and sometimes even a way of saving money Russians in the West through the cryptocurrency. Though perhaps not so clear. If Russia’s relations with the West will really improve, we can expect the rise in stock prices in half to two times. And this game is worth the candle.
According to information from business circles, the completion of the acquisition of AT&T Corporation Time Warner Inc. for $108,7 billion, which belong to the leading American cable television channels CNN and HBO, will significantly change the informational-political landscape of the United States in favor of the supporters of the incumbent President. Loyal media need Donald Trump to achieve their goals in several areas.
They will bring to American society and world leaders point of view of the US President on the key issues of domestic and international policy.
The deal, of course, will have an impact on the outcome of the midterm elections scheduled for November 6, 2018, and on foreign policy. This applies, in particular, the us-Russian summit, a prelude to which should be the visit of a group of senators, announced by the US Ambassador in Moscow John Huntsman.
In the improvement of relations with the United States, the growth of quotations of Russian shares and the ruble many believed immediately after the victory of Donald trump in the election. These expectations, as we know, did not materialize. And now, from our point of view, the probability of this scenario is not very high. However, to ignore the path of development of events is clearly not worth it, it should be considered as speculative investment ideas. In this case best buy is national Champions, leaders in their sectors, Rosneft, Aeroflot, MTS, Sberbank, etc. and of course, “Gazprom”. Its market capitalization is heavily dependent on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, as Moscow and Washington agree on the situation in the East of Ukraine.
The world is changing very quickly, and should use every opportunity to earn. The idea, of course, controversial. However, as the idea of buying bitcoin in the hope of entering the cryptocurrency money of the Russian oligarchs.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,