A bitcoin company from Japan has earned 3.3 million dollars in the mining

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Stock Markets Group Company organized by Japanese it firm GMO, said in his report that for the last three months has earned more than $ 3 million thanks to bitcoin mining.
A total of 240 BTC was mined, which corresponds to $2.67 million and 525 coins Bitcoin Cash, equivalent to $654 000. Thus, according to the report, which was provided to GMO, the total profit was $3.3 million.
Despite this, the question still remains, whether the report shows the net profit or the total revenue, excluding the cost of equipment and electricity.
In its report, the bitcoin company also notes about plans to increase power for mining cryptocurrency, and set a goal to reach 3 000 PH/s within 2018.
Another area in which the GMO is going to develop before August this year, will be providing a cloud service for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
Recall that in recent years, manufacturers of equipment for mining Bitcoin has seen a drop in income. Experts attribute this to a decrease in the attractiveness of mining the popular cryptocurrency because of the complexity of mathematical calculations in the network.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™