Transaction anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for allowed the scientists to trace the buyers of the NSA exploits from hacker groups Shadow Brokers.

A group of hackers Shadow Brokers is known for having published in the open access series of exploits of the National Security Agency of the United States in 2016. One merged the hack tools are subsequently used to distribute the acclaimed virus WannaCry.

After the lifted noise, Shadow Brokers has started selling ciberespacio and valuable to hackers information. As payment for subscribing to “the monthly dump from The Shado Brokers”, with malicious tools, the group took the zcash for cryptocurrency.

It is noteworthy that initially the Shadow Brokers used another anonymous cryptocurrency Monero, but abandoned it in favor of zcash for after a successful attempt extract email addresses and personal information of subscribers of the Shadow Brokers of the Monero blockchain.

Oddly enough, but the zcash for and could not guarantee the anonymity of the subscribers Shadow Brokers. The team at University College London (UCL), studying the transactions in the blockchain zcash for, found probable evidence of the Commission by certain persons payment for explicity.

The study was published on the arXiv server in may and presented this week at the first zcash for conference in Montreal. It emphasizes methods that could help to determine user activity zcash for, but also ways to track the cryptocurrency used by clients Shadow Brokers. The report also points to the involvement of the exchange Bitfinex to the operations.

“We regularly receive lawsuits from law enforcement and regulatory agencies conducting the investigation the investigation. It is our policy not to comment on this the”, announced the press-Secretary of Bitfinex.

The UCL investigation found three transactions of $ 100 ZEC, 200 and 500 ZEC ZEC committed in the summer of 2017 — the same prices were assigned for the subscription Shadow Brokers. The cluster transaction data is associated with one and the same user, to addresses which most of the payments were received directly from the exchange Bitfinex.

With the evidence presented in the study, University of London, law enforcement authorities have the full right to require the exchange of personal data of the client, carrying out illegal transactions using zcash for.

Recall, the financial regulator of Japan have banned the anonymous cryptocurrency trade on the stock exchanges of the country: the ban came zcash for, Monero and Dash. Some exchanges already held a delisting coins.