European FINTECH company and crypto currency exchange Worldcore have prepared a small overview of how the world of glamor and gloss discovered kriptonyte and trying to make money.

It is no secret that when you have a lot of money, you start to worry about two global issues. First – how to make using them even more money and the second how to spend money with the greatest pleasure.

Year ago increased thirty times the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market made a blockchain industry into the mainstream, under the spotlight. And many pairs of curious eyes drew the attention of both the General enthusiasm of the participants of the market, and huge at that time, the profit promised by developers of a variety of ICO. Not particularly trying to sort out, most were trying to invest or even be in the team for PR product. Not surprisingly, in this case, not having specific knowledge for its own assessment of the product the star trust the opinion of the team, and he gave it to his audience. As we will see later, assessment was often not quite adequate.

According to General Director of the company Worldcore, Alexey Nasonova, all the celebrities promoting cryptoprocta, can be divided into two categories: project participants, in one way or another got in the team, and just paid posters promoting for the money Soredi its subscribers or even fans. As a result, the company has selected several well-known personalities who have in some way encouraged the investors to invest in various projects.

John McAfee. Cryptolepine, cryptochironomus and celebrities. PR Sosa money previously, he said, making scoring analysis through an affiliate company CryptoConnection. While 97-98% of projects are discarded as unreliable, and the remaining are advertised in Twitter Janaza the modest sum of 100 thousand US dollars each.

Floyd Mayweather. Undefeated American professional boxer Welterweight. In addition to the advertising contracts has decided to earn on advertising at least three cryptotokens: Stox, HubiiиCentra. The instagram posts were tagged with #ad, so there is a net community of subscribers.

Luis Suarez. Striker “Barcelona”. Also participated in advertising Stox.

Ashton Kutcher. American actor, cryptoanalyst. He headed the Fund SoundVenturesявляется the main investor of the platform, the tote Unikrn.

Jamie Foxx. American actor, winner of Oscar for the role of ray Charles in the biopic “ray.” Advertised Cobinhood– one of the most famous decentralized exchanges. Post to Twitter was not an advertising, so the author personally participated in the purchase of token exchange.

TheGame. Is an American rapper. Reklamirovat, which was “to revolutionize the farming of marijuana.” Even knowing firsthand the mores of hip-hop performers, you can imagine that it was not advertising, but a private investment of the singer.

DJ Khaled. American hip-hop artist. Marked as Mayweather, is a Scam-project Centra.

Steven Seagal. The action star of the 90s, a big fan of the Russian President, almost the Governor of Primorye. Became the promoter of the project Bitcoiin2Genна a month. After So switching to use their own blockchain based on the Ethereum’s team of founders, as well as the main promoter left the project, leaving it to the care of miners and enthusiasts.

Lionel Messi. Ambassador project SirinLabs

Olga Buzova. Went on all the celebrities in the issue of participation in ICO. Did a private ICO, releasing the token Buzcoinна platform Ethereum. Due to the lack of demand for ICO(it was collected only about 0.1% of the hard cap project, that is about 200 thousand dollars in ETH) had to go to the second round of placement, where the project received an additional approximately 0.25% (accommodation not yet finished). The main problems of the project – the vagueness of the concept, no promise to investors and justify return on investment.

Paris Hilton. Socialite. Known primarily for the controversial video, illiterate texts. Noted in kriptonyte advertising, apparently, his own participation in the Scam project LydianCoin.

The study Worldcore and failed to find fundamental differences between the projects, which were attended by stars from the projects that they have promotional for money. The root cause of the participation of stars in the promotion of projects is irrelevant – all of the projects touted star has failed. But based on the advertising celebrities of various projects, the American Commission on securities has made his statement about the impossibility of advertising, public entities Sabes mention of financial interest in the advertised project. And this is an important step towards market transparency.