The vast subjects of cryptocurrency offers many opportunities for large profits. Running masternode is one of the many ways that help users to earn profits in the crypto-sphere.

What is masternode?

Masternode -it is basically a cryptocurrency full node or computer purse that holds the entire copy of the blockchain and is available. It is very beneficial for bitcoin investors as they will be interested when they launch masternode. This process is similar to earning weekly or monthly interest on crypto hold.

Problem running masternode

There are many projects mastered in the cryptocurrency sector, but most of them can’t offer real value to investors, thereby affecting their effectiveness. Currently there are only a few communities masternode available to investors. This is primarily because only limited projects have effective product that offers liquidity and value of their respective coins on the market. Since there are only a few designs available, the investment process is at a high level, making the process inaccessible for the average cryptocurrency enthusiasts because of the nature of how the owners of mastered receive remuneration for the units.In addition, the cryptocurrency Polovinnaya awards, which reduce the reward units over time, make the pledge collection of coins is quite expensive. Currently, investors want to invest in the project mastered that has the actual practice of use, maintaining their native coin.

Wolfcoin Blockchain — the need of the present time

When you run mastered the lack of security is one of the biggest problems investors. The blockchain expands Wolfcoin users of its system mastered, which is supported by a Protocol X11 Proof-of-Work (PoW) by checking all transactions in my blockchain network. Using a highly secure algorithm X11 PoW provides investors with security. It uses 11 different hash functions with computation in the network. In order to further strengthen network security, the network is fully managed by masternode reducing the chances of the attacks of the miners. In addition, masternode also allow you to send transactions, which simplifies the complexity of transactions, enabling faster processing of transactions. They also perform private transaction for users who want to remain anonymous.

The advantage of using a hashing algorithm X11

The increasing complexity of an algorithm provides a more effective security compared to a single hash PoW. In case of any attack digital currency that uses X11 PoW will continue to function effectively if all 11 hashes will not be attacked at the same time. Even in this case, users will be warned about making the right measures and timely replacement of problem hashes. In addition, the X11 algorithms can offer better reliability, which may not offer algorithms with a single hash.

Requirements for running masternode

Below are the specifications that users must follow to run masternode:-

• 10,000 WOLF
•Computer or VPS running on Windows / Linux
• Dedicated IP address

Along with 10,000 Wolfcoin, users must also have minimum hardware requirements including:-

Hardware Minimum Recommended
CPU 1×1 GHz 1×2 GHz
Disk 8 GB 16 GB
Network 400 GB/month 1TB/month

As a rule, the capacity of the masternode uses 300-500 GB per month and will expand with the expansion of the network.

Wolfcoin Blockchain is a safe way to run masternode

Wolfcoin together with the X11 hashing algorithm removes obstacles to run mastered. It offers equal opportunities for miner and masternode to earn a substantial profit. Miners are rewarded for the security of the blockchain; mastered, on the other hand, are rewarded for facilitating network functions, including anonymous sending and instant shipping.

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