We know that the new cards support multi-currency accounts (GBP, EUR, USD, BTC), as well as contactless payment methods, allowing customers to quickly pay for purchases with bitcoin and instantly exchange digital currency for Fiat.

After statements by Wirex was the first company in Europe provider card that allows spending money that was converted from a cryptocurrency.

“Our company is the only supplier in Europe offering debit cards that make cryptocurrency a part of your everyday life. Spending in stores, purchase goods online or withdraw cash at ATMs have become a lot easier. We first introduced these cards into the world, and now we are the first integrated account of cryptocurrency wallets with contactless debit cards VISA,” — said the co-founder and CEO of Wirex kleptomanka Pavel Matveev.

The developers have taken care about the system security, giving users a bitcoin address multipoles for enhanced security and individual accounts with e-money in the UK with a unique sort code and account number for the payments of third parties.

“Wirex map in Europe is not a real prepaid debit card that will give merchants more flexibility at a lower level of fraud”, — said the representatives of Wirex.

In the UK a new account and card are available from March 8. Residents of France, Germany and Italy will be able to use the card from March 20 and for other countries of the EU the service takes effect from March 27.

Also, the developers plan to take to the countries of South-East Asia and Japan.