BHB CEO Network Giacomo Zucco is strongly recommended that the Latvian airline airBaltic to remove payment system BitPay service. According to Zucco, BitPay has serious problems with handling the huge number of transactions. This writes Bitcoinist.

How you can spend your bitcoins

In his Twitter Zucco advised airBaltic go with BitPay on open source systems BTCPay and Globee.

Many users cannot buy tickets for Bitcoin. You should get rid of BitPay. BTCPay is a good alternative to open source. If you need instant conversion to Fiat, you can use the Globee.

Please, @airBaltic, take a look at this thread, after this tweet. Many users are trying to buy tickets w/ bitcoins and failing. You should get rid of BitPay (doesn’t work). @BtcpayServer open and free alternative. If you want fiat conversion, you can try @GlobeeCom.

— Giacomo Zucco (@giacomozucco) September 5, 2018

Recall that airBaltic was one of the first airlines in the world, which have started to accept the cryptocurrency in exchange for their services. At the moment representatives of the company have not yet issued an official response to the tweet Network CEO BHB.

Words Zucco once again confirmed the poor competitiveness of BitPay. In March a travel company CheapAir announced that it will waive the payment system in favor of Coinbase services. This decision was well received in cryptocommunist.