The cause of Pampa was the announcement of major updates Atlantis. It is noteworthy that the project developers are ready to consider the opinion of the whole community, so some aspects of upgrade will be discussed in an open dialogue.

How Atlantis will help Ethereum Classic

Actually, the upgrade has already helped at least the price of the cryptocurrency. Today, the official Twitter account of the developers posted a message about a “meeting community”, during which the participants discussed the details of the ECIP-1054. Attached to the tweet blog post outlining the major goals to the developers.

Hardwork Atlantis will be activated on the unit 8750000. Team Ethereum Classic assured that the key issues the upgrade has already been discussed between the developers, the miners, the owners of the GBR and other important participants in the project ecosystem.

A community-wide meeting was held among network participants to kickstart discussions about the proposed network upgrade ECIP-1054 nicknamed Atlantis.

ECIP-1054 Atlantis Network Upgrade Call — Recap by @MyEtherPlan #ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) ECIP-1054 Atlantis Hard Fork Call — Recap

Today, part of the ETC ecosystem held a call to kickstart discussions about the proposed hard fork, nicknamed the Atlantis, as specified in…

Due to the growing interest to the coin ETC could climb at once on the 19th position in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies. The project bypassed the zcash for NEM and Tezos. A large part of its trading volume Aldona came from the stock exchange OKEx paired ETC/USDT.

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