The Association RAKIB published a list of the most influential in the Russian kriptonyte people. In the top 10 included as business representatives and high government officials, including Igor Shuvalov and Alexei Kudrin.

Anatoly Aksakov. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial markets. One of the enthusiasts promote cryptocurrency laws in the country and the author of “Digital Krym”.

Tatiana Valovaya. The Minister of ECE. The participant of the process of integration of blockchain and digital technologies in the cooperation between the economies of different countries, including in the Eurasian Alliance.

Sergei Glazyev. Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on economic issues, actively promoting the implementation plans of cryptorama.

Alexander Ivanov. Businessman, the founder and CEO of platform Waves. His projects are at the top of the rankings, despite the high volatility of the market and little confidence in cryptocurrency startups at all. Ideas Alexander Ivanov have won the trust of government agencies.

Alexei Kudrin. Heads the accounts chamber. Publicly supported the stock market, calling for its legalization in 2017, triggering positive changes in the attitudes of the General public and industry participants.

Ilya Kucherov. The head of the Institute of legislation and jurisprudence under the Russian government. Influential expert who is well versed in the essence of economic transformation in the digital industry, so with maximum effectiveness, uses it in preparation of bills.

Alexei Moiseev. Deputy Minister of Finance. Located in the heart of the preparation process of the regulation of digital currencies. It took a very tough position and shows a willingness to dialogue on all levels.

Dmitry Sazonov. Deputy Chairman Of The Duma Committee. A faithful follower of the idea of implementing a cryptocurrency and blockchain in the economy.

Elina Sidorenko. The head of the Russian interagency group. The main conduit of Russian ideas of using cryptocurrency. In the near future, will lead the Board in the Union.

Igor Shuvalov. The Chairman Of “Vnesheconombank”. Publicly expressed opinion on necessity of introduction of blockchain technology and kriptonyte in the Russian economy