Friday, February 16, on the backdrop of increased activity on the part of the CFTC, the White house spokesman said that legitimizing cryptocurrencies in the near future is not expected. “I think we’re still just learning, any suggestions in this space is bad and what is good. So I do not think that regulation will be completed soon,” commented the coordinator of cyber security and special assistant to the President Rob Joyce during the Munich security conference. He noted that the major concern of the government at the moment are the cases of using bitcoin for criminal purposes, as well as the irreversibility of bitcoin transactions.

Pay close attention to the criminal life of bitcoin was recently expressed by the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, head of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde and Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may at the world economic forum in Davos. Simultaneously with the application of Joyce Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) took action against another developing trend — the manipulation of the market by capitalisation of the company to the field of blockchain — suspending stock trading Victura Construction Group Inc., PDX Partners Inc. and Cherubim Interests Inc.

According to the SEC, companies have released similar press releases claiming that they acquired the assets associated with the cryptocurrency and bacchanal, “for the subsidiary of a private investor”, and Cherubim also announced the upcoming ICO. Michelle Wayne lane, Director of the Los Angeles mission SEC, urged investors “with increased attention to companies that switched to the latest business trends such as cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and ICO”.

CEO of three companies Patrick Johnson confirmed that the Directive SEC suspends trading in shares of his companies until March 2, but said that they “did not make false statements,” and soon he intends to send to the SEC all necessary information. In early January the SEC suspended trading in securities of another “performativeness” company UBI Blockchain.