Today Litecoin has risen more than 15% owners virtual coins waiting for the launch of LitePay, which will be held in late February. But this is not the only event planned for the current month. Not far off the first hard fork of this virtual coin, which will lead to the emergence of Litecoin Cash.

The fork will take place at 1371111 block, which will be produced on February 18-19. The developers have announced a fork, promise the owners of the LTC in ten brand new virtual coins for each “old” stored in the wallet.

Update on the fork actively published in Twitter. And most vividly discussed already appeared skam-project posing as LCC has not yet released.

However, the Creator of Litecoin finds all the event of fraud, including “original” a fork of Litecoin Cash.

He urges not to invest in LCC, since the new coins will have nothing to do with “source” and the developers of the fork are simply speculating on an already famous name to attract attention. On the developers website the choice of name was explained thus:

“We use the name of Litecoin Cash because lately this is a common phenomenon: a new coin retains the name of the source to which it adds a distinctive prefix … We are not affiliated with any Charlie Lee, or anyone from the team Litecoin, although we are huge fans”.

In addition, the team has not offered a safe option for getting coins and not reported, will the coin to support the exchange.

As shown by last year the story of bitcoin, the forks is not just a fork in the blockchain. This separation crypto-community within a single digital currency. The ease with which you can start your option virtual coins, gives many possibilities for “not quite honest” suggestions. Now LCC has not yet started, but considering what is the reputation one gets coins before, you should think twice before to invest in it.