It has been 12 days since EOS snapshot, and the newly-launched blockchain has not started to operate in accordance with all the rules of the project. First, the time spent on reaching consensus on running code, after the community sought out and helped to correct errors. Now elections are long trusted miner network.

The number of votes per day increased from three to six percent, but yet can not reach the minimum required threshold of 15%. Voting is slowing down a number of problems, including a rather complex technical process of lock token for several days during the voting period.

The greatest fear of the EOS community now is that at this stage the whole thing will stall.

Candidates for the role of producers units as they can show activity on social networks, explaining the importance of voting and encouraging owners EOS finally complete the vote.

The network has already produced 300,000 units. The developers are trying to encourage the vote, promising all users airdrop-bonuses in the case that the owners of the assets will appear before the requisite interest to a full launch.

As another positive additions worth noting: Binance recently announced that it will distribute adrop-tokens, if the projects agree to cooperate and will send the assets to the exchange. As for the listing, companies have to go through the standard procedure.

EOS is trying to start in the period of another sharp market downturn. Bitcoin has taken another step in the direction of $6 000, dragging behind him and destroying altcoins originated optimism. EOS is at risk to fall below $10, has already lost more than 27% over the past seven days.

The markets remain in the red, and although EOS less dependent on bitcoin compared to other coins, its value is unstable. In the community, say that the scandals and the delay has undermined trust in the asset so that eventually a virtual coin can be traded for $5.