The March 14 bloc 1,529,810 will be hardwork blockchain Monero — MoneroV. Holders of monero get new coins in relation to 1XMR 10XMV provided that the user has, monero “locally” — that is, not on the exchange, and in the wallet, as explained by the team. “If you thought about the sale of monero, prepare some more pohodlie” — advised in a post on Steemit.

As stated on the official website of the project, the cryptocurrency MoneroV — private, untraceable, safe and secure. The developers emphasize that vorkova currency, unlike the original, monero will be limited to the emissions of 256 million.

Users of the Bitcointalk forum called the restriction of the issue of “interesting change mechanism” and are interested in how this will affect the price. “We don’t know what will be the cost of the new currency, but we also love the free cryptocurrency, isn’t it?”, — says the representative of the project.

MoneroV also promises to introduce new protocols to solve the scalability, in particular, technology MimbleWimble, scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of 2019 in the roadmap of the project. And in June this year, the team promises to release an easy GUI wallet (wallet is a full node) and the web wallet.

In an official Twitter project shared a meme that describes the relationship MoneroV with original Monaro and wrote: “We love monero,” noting that with the exception of the unlimited emissions and “some other problems”, it is “still the best private coin at the moment”:

Do you love monero.

The community actively comments on news of the project in social networks:

Waiting for this interesting crypto-dividend!

And someone even maintains a fork of the slogan, securing bitcoin during its December take-off:

MoneroV to the moon!