What is a bounty?

Bounty — translated “reward”, “gift”, “promotion”. This award stands out different companies of the ICO to promote your product in social networks. This award is not just, but for the various tasks to promote the project. Usually, all paid in tokens. In fact you can without the presence or infusion of their money to quite a decent amount of tokens you liked ICO, in the hope that these tokens will give a good x after the exchange.

How does Bounty?

The whole scheme very simple. Some beginner project decided to launch its ICO. Before the beginning of the ICO they create a website which describes the subject of their project, purpose, creators. Set the date of start of sale of tokens and the conditions for early investors. Now I need about them found out and brought money for development.

For such purposes, initially allocated a certain number of coins (e.g. 2%) who are the creators of ICO are ready to give active people willing to advertise and promote their product. Promotion can be completely different: share it on social networks, texts, articles, posts on forums, etc. After bounty campaign that highlighted the entire pool of coins is distributed among all participants in proportion to their activity and quantity of work done.

How to work with the bounty?

To work and obtain coins everything will depend on your desires and the type of awards given by the bounty company. For example:

  • Facebook campaign: join in the project, writing posts, repost, likes.
  • Twitter campaign: check in the project, writing posts, retweets, likes.
  • Signature campaign on Bitcointalk forum: check in the project to establish the account company logo, and comment on the forum various articles, in order to see other people. How to do everything will show in a separate post
  • blogs: youtube, golos, steemit
  • Translations of information about the ICO to other languages
  • Search bugs
  • Logo design, brochures and other information (sometimes competitively)
  • The development of mobile applications, wallets or other software add-ons.

Why would you pay for such simple actions, good money?

It’s very simple. Once the work is completed, your account will be credited tocanne this company, not real money. In essence you get paid just air, at this stage, they don’t cost anything, it’s just the wrappers that in the future probably will turn into dollars. So the right choice bounty company, the key to success. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and effort, but will not get anything. Look at the company around which is good buzz, most likely after the release of their coins on the exchange it will take off, and you will be able to increase its assets.

Be careful!

If you think about why don’t I create lots of accounts and a good start to earn. I want to warn you that multibody very quickly are evaluated by the managers of companies or members of the Board. Multibody fall into the black list and they will sooner or later bring in other projects. Even with one account, you can earn decent amount of money all the time if drain.

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