A Federal judge, under the supervision of which was the matter of AT&T and co-founder of Bitangels, Michael Turpin, rejected the claim. Recall that in 2017 the hackers using the SIM swap took possession of the personal number Turpin and stole his cryptocell bitcoins for $ 24 million.

SIM-swap — kidnapping phone numbers with the participation of the operator. The scheme is simple: the scammer calls in support of pretends to be a user who talks about the lost phone and asked to port the number to a new SIM card.

As we already wrote earlier, in August last year, Turpin filed a lawsuit against AT&T believes that the telecommunications giant is illegally gave the hackers access to his phone number which led to a major robbery. It should be noted, last month a Federal judge rejected a motion by the company on termination of the case.

Now the judge stops the proceedings, rejecting all claims of the plaintiff: and for compensation of the stolen $ 24 million, and to compensation in the amount of 200 million.

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The court held that although the plaintiff, Michael Turpin — right about the shortsightedness of step AT&T in providing phone numbers without proper verification, “Terpene failed to fully prove a causal link between the actions of the company and hacking. That is, the plaintiff could not prove that the provision of hackers/scammers access to his phone number can be a cause of the loss of 24 million dollars.” Because the company acted in accordance with the instructions. In the commentary to article counsel on behalf of Stephen Pelly notes that “the plaintiff can correct the statement and re-submit a lawsuit against the company”.

Says Pelli, a new lawsuit they can convince the court the relationship between the actions of the company, and theft. However, it is unknown how and for how long AT&T will be able to defend their position that the damage was caused by no fault of her criminal acts of a third party.

In General, it is quite surprising that such an experienced user of cryptocurrencies have so much money in the wallets of cripture. And not updated to configure two-factor authentication, even after his phone number was compromised. Of course, this is not excuse AT&T, but in General you can anticipate the arguments that will be operated by the company.

In may, the Cointelegraph reported on the Department Manager of engineering in the cryptocurrency service BitGo Sean Coonce, who is also the victim of a SIM swap.

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